Live: KRG slams Baghdad for payment delays, vows not to be ‘silent’

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The Iraqi government spokesperson, Basim Al-Awadi, discussed the threats towards U.S. forces and diplomats in an interview with Al-Ahad TV

+964 has a translated except from the interview, which we've summarised below.

  • Al-Awadi described the calls for the closure of the US embassy as "extremely dangerous."
  • He explained that such a closure would not only affect the framework agreement with the U.S. but would also "destroy Iraq."
  • He cited the potential departure of other Western embassies as a significant consequence.
  • Following an attack on the Swedish embassy, 16 EU ambassadors had considered leaving Iraq.
  • This example was used to illustrate the potential broader impact of an attack on the US embassy.
  • The presence of Western countries in Iraq largely depends on the U.S.'s presence, he says.
  • A withdrawal by the U.S. could lead to the departure of other Western nations.

Pro-Sadr media publishes request to remove foreign troops in Iraq

Al-Zaeim has shared a letter it claims is written by Saud Al-Saadi MP. 

As analyst Michael Knights points out, Saadi is the same MP who got the Khor Abdullah river border agreement with Kuwait suspended, much to Kuwait's consternation. So he has previous.

More huge demos by Sulaymaniyah teachers

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani hosted European Union ambassador to Iraq, Thomas Seiler, in a meeting that focused on the bilateral relations between Iraq and the EU, according to a readout by Sudani’s office.

The discussions encompassed an array of subjects including the mutual aspiration to enhance collaboration and bolster interests that are beneficial to both entities. A focal point of the conversation was the recent upheavals in the region, specifically the continuous conflict and attacks in the Gaza Strip. 

Prime Minister Sudani communicated Iraq’s position, calling for the international community, including EU nations, to undertake responsible measures to cease the aggression and the targeting of civilians in conflict areas, as per the readout. Sudani accentuated the necessity for secure humanitarian corridors to deliver essential aid to the affected Palestinian populations in Gaza.

Ambassador Seiler, as conveyed in the readout, recognized the considerable progress made in the Iraq-EU relationship during the first year of Sudani’s administration. He expressed the readiness of European companies to engage actively in Iraq’s Development Road project. Seiler also emphasized the continuity of high-level engagements between the EU and Iraq, outlining the EU's efforts toward establishing an immediate ceasefire and the creation of humanitarian passages for essential aid deliveries in conflict zones.

It is noted that these details are based on the readout provided by the PM’s office, and they represent the perspectives and discussions as conveyed in that official communication.
Iraq is in negotiations with Turkey to establish a security agreement aimed at ending military activities and attacks within its borders by groups such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). 
Modeled after a recent security pact between Iraq and Iran, the agreement seeks to prevent armed groups from using Iraqi territory to launch attacks on neighboring countries. 

This development follows an increase in Turkish military operations against suspected PKK positions in the Kurdistan Region, which has led to civilian casualties and criticism from Iraqi officials regarding sovereignty violations.

Turkey maintains multiple bases in the Kurdistan Region with the agreement of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which controls security forces in Duhok and Erbil provinces.

Morning briefing


  • The KRG vows 'not to remain silent' on the chronic delays plaguing Baghdad payments of Kurdistan Region budget shares.
  • Iraq's top security advisor says the federal government is in negotiations with Turkey over a similar border deal to the one struck with Iran over Iranian-Kurdish armed opposition groups operating out of the Kurdistan Region.