Live: Iraqi oil minister in Erbil for talks on Kurdistan exports

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The Iraqi PM meets UK ambassador

The meeting focused on bilateral public relations, emphasizing key areas of development that mutually benefit both countries and serve the interests of their peoples.

The meeting addressed the situation in Gaza and the continued aggression against the Palestinian people. Mr. Al-Sudani reiterated the importance of major global powers taking a stance and fulfilling their responsible role in the international community to prevent serious and clear violations of international law in the occupied territories.

The Prime Minister stated that the Iraqi security forces are committed to maintaining security and stability throughout Iraq in the face of all threats and challenges.

The British Ambassador emphasized his government's eagerness to collaborate with Iraq in finding solutions to the Gaza crisis and preventing its escalation across the broader Middle East.


Statement by KRG PM on meeting with Iraqi oil minister

Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Masrour Barzani met with Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul Ghani and an accompanying delegation consisting of deputies and directors general of the ministry and the director general of SOMO. The meeting involved an exchange of views on the measures and steps to export oil from the Kurdistan Region.

The Prime Minister reiterated the Kurdistan Region's readiness to resume oil exports, within the framework of a common understanding to meet the financial and technical requirements of the export process, and within the framework of constitutional principles. He emphasized the importance of eligible expenditures for the production and transportation of oil in the region, as allocated in the federal budget.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the cessation of oil exports has caused billions of dollars in losses to the public treasury and emphasized that exports should resume as soon as possible. In this regard, he instructed the Minister of Natural Resources to fully coordinate with the team of the Federal Ministry of Oil, scheduled to stay in Erbil for several days.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Oil Minister expressed the federal government's desire to resume oil exports, providing a common ground within the framework of the constitution and working to remove obstacles to the process.

Finally, it was decided that the two ministries will continue to discuss and exchange legal, financial, and technical details to present solutions with a common understanding. This effort aims to resume oil exports as soon as possible, significantly increasing public revenue for the Kurdistan Region and ensuring that spending will be in the public interest.

ئەمڕۆ یەکشەممە 11/12، مەسرور بارزانی، سەرۆکی حکومەتی هەرێمی کوردستان، لەگەڵ حەییان عەبدولغەنی، جێگری سەرۆکوەزیران و وەزیری نەوتی فیدراڵ و شاندێکی یاوەری کە لە بریکاری و بەڕێوەبەرە گشتییەکانی وەزارەت و بەڕێوەبەری گشتیى کۆمپانیای (سۆمۆ) پێکهاتبوو، کۆبووەوە.لە کۆبوونەوەکەدا بیروڕا لەبارەی ڕێکار و هەنگاوەکانی هەناردەکردنەوەی نەوتی هەرێمی کوردستان ئاڵوگۆڕ کرا.سەرۆکی حکومەت ئامادەیی هەرێمی کوردستانی بۆ دەستپێکردنەوەی هەناردەکردنی نەوتی هەرێم دووپات کردەوە، ئەمەش لە چوارچێوەی هێنانەکایەی لەیەکتێگەیشتنێکی هاوبەش بە ئاراستەی بەجێگەیاندنی پێداویستیيە دارایی و تەکنیکیيەکانی پرۆسەی هەناردەكردن و لە چوارچێوەی بنەما دەستووریی و گرێبەستەکان و ڕێزگرتن لە دەسەڵات و مافە دەستوورییەکانی سەرجەم لایەنەکان و دۆزینەوەی چارەسەری گونجاو بۆ دەستەبەرکردنی خەرجیى شایستەی بەرهەمهێنان و گواستنەوەی نەوتی هەرێم کە لەناو بودجەی حكومەتی فیدڕاڵ تەرخانکراوی پێویستی بۆ دانراوە. سەرۆکی حکومەت ئاماژەی بەوە دا کە وەستانی هەناردەکردنی نەوتی هەرێم، زیانی چەندین ملیار دۆلاری بە گەنجینەی گشتی گەیاندووە و پێویستە لە زووترین کاتدا، هەناردەکردن دەست پێ بکاتەوە. لەمبارەیەوە وەزیری سەرچاوە سروشتییەکانی هەرێمی ڕاسپارد کە هەماهەنگیی تەواو لەگەڵ تیمی وەزارەتی نەوتی فیدراڵ بکەن کە بڕیارە بۆ چەند ڕۆژێک لە هەولێر بمێننەوە.
حکومەتی هەرێمی كوردستان

PUK and KDP meet again

In a visit to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Sulaymaniyah, a delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) emphasized the need for enhanced cooperation between the two parties. The PUK delegation, including spokesperson Saadi Ahmed Pira, was received by Ali Hussein, a member of the KDP's Political Bureau.

During a press conference,  Pira highlighted the importance of strengthening rocky ties with the KDP. He stated, "It is obligatory for us to enhance our ties with the KDP and exert more efforts in order to address the prevailing challenges between Erbil and Baghdad." Pira also expressed PUK's support for any agreements made between Erbil and Baghdad aimed at resolving these challenges.

Pira viewed the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani to the Kurdistan Region as a positive step, hoping it would help resolve salary and budget issues. He acknowledged the responsibility of both the PUK and KDP in addressing salary delays.

Ali Hussein echoed the newfound sentiment of collaboration. He said, "The current situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq requires us to strengthen relations among us in order to effectively address the prevailing challenges." He also mentioned the importance of responding to the demands of teachers and employees in Sulaymaniyah.

The meeting comes after a high-level discussion between PUK President Bafel Jalal Talabani and KDP leaders in Erbil.

A new chapter in Kurdistan-Qatar relations unfolds as President Nechirvan Barzani welcomes Qatar's new Consul General Hussein bin Ali Al-Fadala, in Erbil.

This marks a significant stride in diplomatic and economic ties.

Fadala's mission, he says, is focused on boosting Erbil-Doha relations, especially in the economic sector. The opening follows a series of high-level meetings between Kurdish and Qatari leaders, indicating a deepening partnership.

The new consulate is expected to open doors for trade, particularly for Kurdistan's agricultural exports to Gulf markets.

It does seem like the momentum is finally beginning to shift towards resumption of Kurdistan oil exports that have been halted for much of 2023.

Last week, Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani said the problems were now "technical" rather than political. In October, he'd said the problems were very much political, blaming Baghdad and absolving Turkey of any wrongdoing. 

The key sticking point seems to be payments to international firms operating in Kurdistan. They'd signed terms with the KRG highly favorable to the oil companies. Now Baghdad is balking at the contracts and payment terms listed by them. 

Deputy prime minister and minister of oil Arrives in the Kurdistan Region

He stresses: We are keen to resume production and export from the region's fields.

Full statement 

The deputyprime minister for energy affairs and minister of oil arrived in the Kurdistan region. He was received by the Minister of Natural Resources in the region, Mr. Kamal Mohammad Saleh, and a number of officials.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil Mr. Hayyan Abdul Ghani, said the visit comes as a continuation of the discussions that took place in Baghdad to discuss the resumption of production operations and export of oil from the region's fields.

Because of the importance of this in supplementing the federal budget with financial revenues, Abdul Ghani pointed out that the government is keen to find appropriate mechanisms to resume production and export of oil from the region’s fields, stressing that he will meet a number of officials in the region.
The deputy Prime minister for energy affairs and minister of oil is accompanied by the undersecretary for extraction affairs, the undersecretary for distribution affairs, and a number of officials in the companies and departments of the ministry's centre.